Rent to Buy

Do you want to buy your own home, but are struggling to afford the deposit with high renting costs? A Rent to Buy property with us may be the answer. 


Here's an example

If you choose a property that would usually cost £900 per month to rent, if it’s one of our Rent to Buy properties, it will be priced at £720 per month, which allows you to save an extra £2,160 per year towards your deposit.

When can I buy the property?

If you choose to Rent to Buy with us, you’re expected to buy the property outright, or on Shared Ownership after five years of renting your home. You may also be able to purchase under Shared Ownership within the first five years, subject to various factors.

If you can’t afford to buy your home after five years, then we’ll talk to you about the options available. For example – we may agree for you to remain in the property and pay market value, or we may decide to remarket the property for sale or re-let to a new Rent to Buy applicant.  

However, this will be discussed in detail when you sign up to a particular property, you’ll be given all the information and we’ll support you along the way. You will always be given the first option to purchase the property before any decisions are made. 

Can I apply for Rent to Buy?

To apply for Rent to Buy, you need to be:

  • Employed
  • Want to buy your own home in the future and working towards saving a deposit
  • A first-time buyer, or returning to the housing market after a relationship breakdown

However, if you have owned a property before, or are struggling to move up the property ladder, please get in touch with us directly*, as we may be able to help.


Great, let's take steps towards helping you buy your first home!

Take a look at our available Rent to Buy homes below and register your interest.

If you have any questions about our Rent to Buy scheme please contact us. 

The best move you'll make

Purchasing your new home with us through our Rent to Buy scheme will mean you get a dedicated, caring landlord. You’ll be kept informed right through the process, have access to a range of services beyond housing and get personalised advice and care. 

Our properties

Fell View

Fell View is located in Ashton-under-Lyne, just outside of the city centre...
Rent to buy Ashton-Under-Lyne



Beyer's Bahn

(Fully allocated) Located on the corner of Gorton Lane and Pottery Lane and designed by award winning architects...
Rent to buy Shared Ownership



The Clockworks

**Fully allocated**
The Clockworks, based in Moss Side, just outside of the city centre...
Rent Shared Ownership

Moss Side


Chadwick Place

(Fully allocated) Located just 3 miles south of Manchester city centre our brand new Chadwick Place...
Rent Rent to buy