Damp and mould

It's truly important to us that all our customers have a safe and healthy home to live in, and that our customers are listened to should they raise a concern.

Healthy Homes

We created our dedicated Healthy Homes Team to take a proactive approach to resolving any cases of damp, mould, and disrepair in our properties. We strongly urge any customer who has damp and mould in their home to get in touch with us so we can deal with the issue swiftly.

What you can expect from us

  • Inspect all cases within 72 hours where possible and access permitted
  • All surveyors undertake a calcium carbide test, which checks moisture in your property, if and where required before seeking external support (unless an independent survey is needed or it’s a complex case.)
  • The team will look at the root cause of the damp and mould when doing inspections and improvement works.
  • Improvement works to start within 20 working days of inspection, though in more complex or specialist cases this may take longer.
  • All “no access” appointments (where we can’t get into properties) are fed back to the Healthy Homes Team and re-scheduled with the customer, supporting letters for action are also sent to the customer. If we still can’t get it, this is escalated internally to see how we can resolve.
  • A pro-active programme to help us stay on top of all improvements, installations and preventative measures to combat damp, mould and condensation.