We strive to offer great value to our customers

We’re so much more than just a landlord, and that’s why it’s important we regularly check-in to see how we’re performing to ensure we’re delivering high-quality services while generating savings and income to re-invest in our neighbourhoods. We’re regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH), and it's their job to set standards for our conduct, known as the ‘regulatory framework’. This is divided into two: economic standards and consumer standards. You can see how we report progress against these standards in our Annual Reports and Value for Money (VFM) self-assessments.

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Complaints performance

We take all complaints seriously to ensure we’re held accountable for our services, which helps us to evolve and constantly improve our offering to our customers.

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Value for money

Offering great value is fundamental to the services we provide, ensuring our customers get a service they need at a reasonable price.

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Service commitments

Our priority is to provide the best service we possibly can which aligns to the service you need to ensure you live happy and healthy lives.

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Pay gap reporting

Having over 250 employees, we share details on our Gender Pay Gap and Protected Characteristics Pay Gap to ensure we remain committed to reducing any inequalities amongst our workforce.

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Customer Voice

Our Customer Scrutiny Team is made up of One Manchester customers, their role involves completing regular reviews of One Manchester services, scrutinising the services delivered and providing customer focused solutions that encourage positive change to be made.