Annual reports

Find our annual reports here as we review the challenges and achievements at One Manchester. 

Annual reports

Annual reports

Looking back on 2022 and 2023

Hi everyone and welcome to your Customer Annual report, taking a look back at April 2022 to March 2023. This is my third year at One Manchester, and over the past year we’ve been really focused on changing how we work so we can make a positive difference for you.

My highlight from the past year has been meeting more of you and listening to how we can improve our services. Your feedback has played a really important role in shaping our new approach, and I want to thank you for your involvement.

We’ve been taking all the great things you’ve told us and have started to change our frontline services. Our new local Neighbourhood Model is a great example of this and is helping us to get to know you better, so we can help and support in the way that you need.

You may have also heard or been involved in our recent Big Listen events, where we came to all our neighbourhoods to chat with you about our repairs service. We’ll be holding more events to discuss our repairs service in the new year, and I’d love to see you there. Your feedback is a central part of improving this important service.

We always want to improve what we do, and last year we shared our Corporate Plan for 2022 to 2025 which was shaped by your feedback. We have three main priorities which focus on our People, our Places, and helping to create Prosperity for our customers and communities. This year’s Annual Report looks into our performance, case studies, and achievements against these priorities.

I’m really pleased to share some of the changes we’ve already made to our frontline services based on your feedback, which include:

  • Increasing our Neighbourhood Officers from 10 to 24 to provide all customers with an easy-to-reach and personalised service
  • Offering our services from local community hubs so it’s easier to access support, and running weekly drop-in sessions
  • Establishing our Healthy Homes team and investing an additional £2.4m to address damp and mould issues in your homes

Supporting over 850 families most in need with our £300,000 Thrive Fund

Although there have been lots of positives this year, we know mistakes can and do happen and there are ways we can improve. To reflect this, our Annual Report is a review about our progress, highlighting successes in strengthening our services, as well as areas where we can do better.

Thanks once again for all your feedback, support, and involvement over the past year. I’m really looking forward to meeting more of you in 2024 so we can continue to deliver what matters for our customers and communities.

Nic Kershaw
Chief Executive Officer

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Annual reports

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