Social Value

Social value is at the heart of everything we do, but what is social value? It means we aren't just looking for the lowest cost solution that does a basic job. Instead, we want make a difference, creating social value with everything that we do.

As a landlord, we provide good quality homes for our tenants, but we don't just stop there.  We offer support and services to help people manage their money, find work, start businesses and stay healthy. This creates a great deal of social value to our communities, helping them to improve and thrive.

We also create social value through our partnerships with other organisations. We host and share resources with voluntary, community and social enterprise groups and facilitate volunteering across our communities.

One of the main ways that we offer social value is through the buying of goods and services.  We spend tens of millions of pounds every year and we include a commitment to deliver social value within our communities to the tenders for our major contracts.

Social value at Heroes Wood Social value in action at Heroes Wood

Social value when buying goods and services

We are a sector leader in embedding social value as part of the buying process.

We use buying as a way to create social value that will benefit our residents and local communities. In accordance with the Social Value Act 2012, we consider social value in our decisions about how we buy goods and services.  Our aim is to make a make a contribution to the economic, environmental and wider social well being of the residents of our areas.

If you complete one of our tenders to become a One Manchester supplier, social value will be worth 20% of the points in the tender return. This means that those bidding to worth with us need to have credible, tangible ways of delivering social value.

We also actively look to work with smaller, local organisations when we feel that collaborative working will support their growth and therefore offer social value directly to them.

We work in partnership with suppliers to facilitate their social value proposals and to maximise the impact that they can have locally.  We would also expect that suppliers report back on social value achieved, alongside other contract reporting requirements.

For more information on becoming a One Manchester supplier, please click here. Or watch our video below to find out more about what we've been working on.