Social investment and supporting our communities is at the heart of what we do at One Manchester.

We are a housing provider, but we want our offer to extend past just being their landlord, we want to transform the communities we work in.

Our Social Investment Strategy has now been in action for two years. In it, we outline our commitment as an organisation to using all the skills and resources at our disposal to ensure all areas we operate in can become ‘Resilient Thriving Communities’. Achieving this goal meant working towards these four priorities:

  • Creating stronger, more resilient communities
  • Creating a stronger, more resilient local economy
  • Improving places and reducing environmental impact
  • Encouraging healthier, happier people in our communities

Listen to what our Social Investment Manager has to say about the work we've been doing!

Focusing on the 2018/19 period, we’ve published a new and comprehensive report on our social accounts. We’ve also created a summary document, giving a snapshot of our achievements over the past year.

Here are some of the key statistics from our Social Accounts:


  • 129 people were supported into regular volunteering positions (81 last year)
  • 1,164 hours of voluntary support were given to organisations by One Manchester staff
  • 53 community events took place (attended by over 3000 people)
  • Over £300k was invested in local voluntary and community sector organisations (less than £200k last year)


  • 34 apprentices created (23 last year)
  • £63.9k invested in 12 new businesses via the Catalyst Fund
  • 102 people completed work placements (95 last year)
  • 245 people supported into employment (213 last year)
  • 244 people trained (134 last year)
  • 115 people received 1:1 support to help start a business
  • Over £1million saved by users on the 'One Money' service (639 customers supported)


  • Over 6,500 hours of grounds maintenance work was delivered through a partnership with the probation service
  • 60 cases of graffiti cleaned
  • 1258 fly-tipping and littering cases resolved
  • 153 members of staff trained in carbon literacy and 258 people engaged with our energy roadshows


  • 767 people participated in cultural, sport of leisure activities supported by One Manchester
  • 950 people supported by 5 community shops
  • 112 new customers were supported by our health and wellbeing support team
  • 160 major adaptations were completed to support tenants with access and mobility issues
  • 4000 packed lunches were delivered during the summer holidays to as part of our holiday hunger programme
  • 682 cases of anti social behaviour were resolved

To read our full Social Accounts, find our reports by clicking here!