This week is National Apprenticeship Week and we are celebrating the value that our apprentices bring to One Manchester.

So what is an apprentice? Simply, apprentices earn and learn at the same time.  They work towards a funded and recognised qualification, whilst getting on the job experience. Here at One Manchester, we fully support our apprentices, offering high quality roles with great professional development opportunities.

What roles are available as an apprentice? Over the last three years, our highly successful apprenticeship programme has offered both trade (roofing, plumbing, grounds maintenance, plastering, joinery, electrical and gas) and professional (business administration customer services, finance, IT, housing) opportunities to over 30 people.

What do you learn? The qualifications, which last between two and four years, are designed to help you learn both technical knowledge and practical skills. To complete the technical knowledge requirements of the qualification, you attend college (either on a day-release or block-time arrangement). Your work experience then gives you the practical part.

A great example of learning on the job: One of the highlights for our trade apprentices was the opportunity to renovate and repair one of our houses. They were supported by people guiding and helping them along the way, but they did all the work themselves, getting invaluable experience in the process. They also worked as a team, across different trades, making great relationships with their peers in other departments.

What support do we offer? Every six to eight weeks, a supporting team of people meet with the apprentice to evaluate progress, discuss experiences, agree targets for the next period, address concerns and provide any support the apprentice needs to meet the requirements of their qualification. We also ensure our apprentices are included in other learning and development offered by the business.

Making a difference to our business, our communities and our city. One Manchester has an apprenticeship programme that we can all be proud of, with apprentices who work hard, are energetic, positive and make a significant contribution to our organisation. We are an organisation that provides opportunities for development and growth and we appreciate the value that apprentices add to our business, our communities and our city.

When does our 2020 apprentice programme launch? We are looking at potential opportunities for a 2020 intake and we will have more information in the next few months, keep an eye out for details being posted on our website. We also promote apprentice opportunities in other Manchester based organisations, details are available here