We know how difficult life is for everyone right now due to the COVID-19 crisis, life is different in ways that we would never have imagined. However, for some people, the most vulnerable in our communities, it is even worse, and they need our support.

To do this, we have set up a COVID-19 Response and Recovery fund,providing funding to organisations that can support people right now and help aid recovery for the future.

So far, we have invested in the following projects:

  • £16,000 in grants to support Holiday Hunger Projects during the summer holidays
  • £10,000 to support a digital inclusion scheme in partnership with Manchester City Council.
  • £20,000 to support emergency food response via Manchester City Councils hub.
  • £9,000 in emergency support grants for organisations at risk.

We want to help more people

We want to hear from organisations in our areas that are helping those affected by COVID 19, particularly those most vulnerable so that we can offer our spoort.

We particularly want to support organisations in the following areas:  

  • Food – ensuring residents have access to safe, healthy and sustainable supply of food 
  • Financial resilience – supporting local provision that assists our customers cope with financial challenges 
  • Social isolation and wellbeing – ensuring residents have access to a friendly ear to support them and opportunities for meaningful contact and activity that promote good mental and physical health during the COVID-19 crisis (within constraints of social distancing and self isolation). 

Our priorities have been informed by research we conducted on the impact of COVID-19 on our local community infrastructure.  A copy of our research report is available to download here

So what funding is available?

Emergency response and survival grants of up to £5,000 are available to cover costs of delivering services relevant to the areas above, or to support locally based organisations that are facing a significant and immediate threat a result of loss of income from COVID-19. Applications will be considered on a weekly basis with decisions on funding expected to take no more than 4 weeks. 

Sustainability and Transformation grants of up to £20,000 are available to support locally based organisations, including community hubs, to plan, adapt, develop and implement services relevant to our investment priorities. They are intended to help ensure existing local organisations can meet changing community needs in new ways throughout and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Expressions of interest will be considered weekly on a rolling basis. Applicants will receive an initial response within 4 weeks and a funding decision within 8 weeks. 

Both funds will be open for applications until Wednesday 16th December, subject to availability and review. We reserve the right to pause or suspend applications if required to manage the demand. 

Applications are now closed