We are pleased to inform you that we've carried out a survey of our entire tree stock in the Hulme area. 

From this, works have been identified to be carried out on trees around the Bentley House estate.

As well as general thinning out to some of the larger trees (around 24 different tress), there are also 10 trees that need to be removed, mainly self seeders and those causing damage to boundary fencing. 

Trees are integral to most natural ecosystems, providing a wide range of related benefits to us, including reducing the harmful effects of climate change. They also bring communities together, playing a part in their cultural and spiritual values and aesthetic appreciation. We're dedicated to conserving trees and their biodiversity. We also employ professional arboriculturists to undertake any works on our trees. 

Trees can also reduce the pressure on the drainage system and lower the risk of surface water flooding.

Below, we have displayed maps of the trees which are to be worked on. The large red dots identify trees to be removed; the large blue dots identify trees to be thinned out. Please be assured that no works will be carried out to trees that show signs of active nests in them. To find out more about the trees in question, please see the attached document.

Should you have any queries regarding the works to be carried out, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 277 5882.