Residents of four of One Manchester’s tower blocks took to the stage in Gorton and Hulme in March, performing works as part of our project with the Royal Exchange, ‘On Top of the World’.

The idea behind the project is to introduce residents in the tower blocks to a world of performance and theatre they might not previously have had access to. Residents of Hopton and Meredith Court bravely stepped forward and delivered a performance demonstrating their hidden talents and skills to an audience at the Yard Theatre in Hulme, whilst residents from Abbey and Cornwall Court performed their work in the Gorton Monastery. Their shows combined singing, dancing, and even some fantastic impressions of well known TV characters and celebrities.

The debut performances were warmly received by all. One resident who performed at the Gorton Monastery described his experience of the day: “I was a little bit worried the night before, but I feel great now that I’ve done it. It’s given me more confidence and I know I need to do more of these things.

 “[Performing] helps to get something out of me that I know is in there, it helps me to feel more like the person I want to be”.

The project will now focus on getting more people in the blocks and surrounding areas involved. Local artists will be leading groups and there will be more performance workshops, leading to a finale performance later in the year.

If you’d like to join the fun with ‘On Top of the World’ and discover hidden talents of your own, please get in touch with our One Culture team at for more information.