Support When You Need It... Jane's Story

There are many reasons why people might need support, as managing bills, personal problems, work, and health issues can all affect a person's wellbeing.

Our support and wellbeing team are on-hand to advise, support and guide vulnerable tenants to successfully manage their lives and tenancies.

Jane*, a One Manchester tenant who lives in Clayton, was struggling to keep on top of her finances. After a member of our income team paid her a visit it was quickly discovered that she was also dealing with mental health problems.

“I’d had a few problems with bills and my rent”, Jane explained. “I was getting lots of letters through the post piling up. I’d recently lost my mum and dad, and now with the bills, it was all getting too much for me. There was too much stress and I just wanted to give up to be honest.


“The rent officer who was dealing with my case at the time recommended that I get in contact with Howard from the support and wellbeing team because they had recognised that I could do with some help.

“I didn’t know that this service even existed before, and I think I would probably have been too proud to get in contact in the first place. When you have mental health problems it’s very difficult to ask for the help that you really need.

Howard was there for Jane to speak to about her problems, and listened to what she had to say. Together, they worked through some of her problems and now things are looking up for Jane.


“Without Howard and the team, I wouldn’t be here now, and that’s the truth. The support he’s given me has saved my life."


"The only thing I was thinking was ‘just give up’, and the work I’ve been doing with him has got me back on track. He never judges me and I always feel comfortable talking with him about my problems."

“Now I feel confident to reach out to Howard if I need to talk, and I know he’ll always listen to me and it really helps me a lot.”


If you are struggling and feel like you need help, you can contact the service directly or, with your consent, a member of our staff, a relative or carer can make contact on your behalf. A Support & Wellbeing Coordinator will firstly arrange to see you to assess your needs, and residents can receive support either within their own home or from a local office.

To get in touch with our team, please call 0161 230 1000 or email

*Jane’s name has been changed to protect the identity of the tenant.