Finding the money to pay all of your bills can be difficult. Thankfully, United Utilities have payment plans that can help you during hard times.

The trained team at United Utilities work with local people to get them back on track with their water bills, and they can help you too. Here are some of the payment plans that United Utilities can offer to you:

  • Back on track - if you're behind with your water bill payments and on benefits, they can provide an affordable bill depending on your circumstances.
  • Help to pay - if you receive Pension Credit and are struggling to make payments, you can apply to have your bills capped at an affordable amount.
  • Payment matching plans - if you've built up a lot of debt, for every £1 you pay they will match it with £1. After six months, for every £1 you pay they'll pay £2. If you continue to make regular payments for two years, they will clear any remaining debt.
  • Restart grant - if you're in real financial difficulty, you may qualify for a one-off payment from their Trust Fund to help clear your debts.
  • Water Sure - if you have a water meter, receive benefits or use a lot of water due to ill health or having a large family, they can cap your yearly bill.
  • Universal Credit (UC) - if you're about to apply for Universal Credit and are worried about your water bill, they can delay your water bill payments for up to eight weeks until your first UC payment arrives.
  • Payment break - if you're struggling with your bill due to losing your job or paying out for an unexpected household emergency, their Payment Break scheme can help by delaying your payments for an agreed length of time.

Don't forget! A water meter is one of the easiest ways to reduce your water bill and United Utilities will fit one for free!

To get help with your bills, call United Utilities on 0800 072 6765 or visit their website.