We’re extremely sorry to hear about the removal of the community artwork in Gorton.
While undertaking work to remove the cladding of Thomas Regan Court, which had been identified as combustible following recent government tests, the contractors on site inspected the entire exterior of the building, including the mosaic art work.
The contractor identified areas of the mosaic that had come loose and fallen off. Further inspection showed that the plywood background was rotten and presented an immediate health and safety risk.
As the property is occupied by vulnerable residents, it was the professional opinion of those on site that the best way to mitigate risk was to remove the mosaic straight away, which unfortunately did not allow for community consultation.
Our previous statement that the mosaic was fixed to unsafe cladding was misinformed. The art installation was in fact removed as it was a serious health and safety risk.
We completely understand the upset at the loss of this wonderful mosaic and representation of local history.
The failure to communicate this decision to our customer facing teams in a timely manner meant that One Manchester was not proactive in informing the local community and relevant parties as we should have done. Seeing the mosaic in the skip has upset many people, for which I apologise; we will be learning the lessons from this.
We understand how important this artwork was to the local community, and we are committed to supporting the creation of replacement artwork in an appropriate location, working closely with the local community and Gorton Visual Arts.