Yesterday, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published the Social Housing White Paper. 

This white paper, written by the Government, has been created to:

  • Give social housing residents a greater voice
  • Keep residents safe
  • Create tougher housing regulations to ensure high standards from landlords
  • Strengthen the Housing Ombudsman to speed up the handling of complaints

The white paper can be accessed here.

We welcome this announcement from Government, which puts social housing customers at the heart of the recommendations. 



This report has been published to make sure that social housing residents are consulted and represented, that they are kept safe and receive a high standard of service. As a responsible landlord, we take the report's recommendations very seriously, and we're already reviewing internal procedures ad putting plans in place to make the necessary changes. 

To improve customer experience, and to make sure we were improving our services based on our customer feedback, in April 2019 we announced that we'd become an early adopter of Together with Tenants, the National Housing Federation's new plan to go further to listen to tenants' views. We have also recently introduced a customer coalition, which means that a group of our customers meet and feedback on some of our processes and procedures. 

We are beginning an internal review of our complaints policy and process, and will complete a self-assessment against the complaint handling code by the end of the year. We will keep all of our customers informed of our progress. 

For more information on the white paper, please visit the dedicated webpage.