When Nazima Kheratkar walked into her first Women in Business class, all she had was an idea and a passion to succeed. Now, just over a year after completing the course, she has opened the doors to her very own business.

The former teacher now runs FurCats, a shop which focuses on promoting healthy food and activities for cats in Chorlton. The shop launched on 1 July with many fellow Women in Business graduates there to show their support for Nazima:

“It was really lovely to have their support and it felt like a joint celebration, because this isn’t just something that I have done, it feels very much like a group project.

“I’d been looking at setting a business up, and I had this idea for a cat shop. I’d searched for a course online and all the information was just overwhelming. Unless you have a good knowledge of business already you just wouldn’t know where to start.

“A friend of mine suggested that we attend an event in Levenshulme. There were some powerful stories being told on the day, and it was useful to hear other people’s experiences but it wasn’t giving me much practical advice. As we were leaving Jenny from the Women in Business course told us about the class and I thought ‘this is exactly what I’m looking for!’

“One of the best tips I got from the Women in Business course was that irrespective of your idea, you have to be passionate about it, even if people don’t have the same belief in your idea as you do. The passion helps to sell the idea.

“Jenny Matthews was an amazing teacher and enabled a class of great women to come together. We gelled straight away and the positivity from the group was immense. You genuinely felt like no idea was a bad idea because the group was so supportive. They were like scaffolding, they held me up and allowed me to turn my idea into a reality.

“I didn’t know what my shop was going to look like, I didn’t know where it would be, but I had an idea and I went for it. The main idea of the shop is healthy food for cats, and that was the most important thing because people love their pets and want the best for them.”

To find out more about upcoming Women in Business courses, please contact Jenny on 07984872325 or email jenny@theenterprisebridge.co.uk.

Furcats has now opened on 512 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AW. 
Take a look at the online shop for brilliant cat-inspired gifts and products!

You can also follow FurCats on social media to find out about their latest news and events.