In Summer this year, we started work on giving one of our properties a very special makeover.

One of our flats in Hulme was handed over to our Building Services team and it was decided that the repairs and renovations which would be needed before somebody could move in would be completed entirely by our team of apprentices.

After the previous tenant moved out of the flat, it was stripped back and turned into an open space for the apprentices to gain hands-on experience of working on a build from scratch.

Brian Williams, the Assistant Manager of Building Services, explained why the project would be so useful for our team of young apprentices:

“This is the first all apprentice site we’ve had done and being in here has built a real team spirit between them all. Of course, there are people guiding them and helping them, but all the work has been done by the apprentices.

“It’s invaluable experience for the young lads who are working on it. They’re all doing really well on it, and we’re quite far into the job now. A lot of the plastering has been done, the rewire, central heating and kitchen have all been done at this stage”.

One person who knows the work that goes into completing an apprenticeship is Darnell Brown, an Apprentice Electrician who joined One Manchester three years ago and who is now passing on his knowledge to the next generation of apprentices:

“It’s been a good experience, teaching the new guys what I learnt. Obviously, I learnt it quite recently, so I know how to explain things to them in a way that they’ll understand. 

“It’s also been really helpful to learn a bit about what the other apprentices have to do in their trade, because often we don’t really come across each other in normal life”.


Darnell was passing his experience on to Brook Hardman, an Apprentice Electrician, who spoke about why having someone like Darnell teaching him the ropes was useful:

“It’s good because they’ve been through it themselves, they can give me tips and explain to me what it’s like. We’ve felt like we’ve been able to make mistakes on this build, and we’ve learnt from our hiccups and found ways passed them.

“An apprenticeship has been great for me. You get paid while you learn, and college really just wasn’t for me, sitting in a classroom all day wouldn’t have worked. 

"This is an opportunity now for Darnell to show me what’s possible with an apprenticeship.

“It shows where you can put yourself, gives you a goal to aim towards if you put your mind to it. You see the mentors and think ‘they know what they’re doing, he’s got his own van’, it’s pushing to help you get the best out of yourself”.