At each of our recent Community Soups, local residents were invited to come and enjoy some hot food before voting for the projects they felt could make the biggest difference in our communities following a series of pitches from different groups.

Although the audience could pick only three winning pitches to be awarded funding, there were many brilliant pitches on the day from projects which we will strive to support.

Here is the breakdown of the latest round’s successfully funded projects:


  1. Green Fingers - £5000
    An allotment for adults with learning disabilities, they will use the money to fund developments to their site.
  2. Gorton Imagination Library - £2000
    Funding will go towards allowing them to send more free books to children in order to encourage reading across their area.
  3. Gorton Visual Arts - £1000
    The money will be used to fund a project which will produce a visual representation of young people’s lives in Gorton.
  1. Enjoy Arts – (joint first) £3000
    This group will use the money to provide acting sessions for women in their area and will also go towards staging more community performances.
  2. Coverdale and Newbank – (joint first) £3000
    They will use the funding to host regular drop-ins and advice surgeries, where their local community will have access to important services and a safe, warm and friendly community space.
  3. Sasca - £1000
    A group that focuses on working with isolated over-50s, will use the funds to run a befriending scheme using volunteers to engage lonely residents in their area.
  1. Deaf Chefs - £5000
    The money will go towards providing opportunities for deaf people aged 16-19 who will learn to cook. All the food produced will go towards feeding the homeless.
  2. Mash - £2000
    The funding will provide a lifeline for women working in the sex industry, and will allow the group to offer them support and advice in order to be safer and healthier.
  3. Heaven on Earth - £1000
    The group will provide free yoga classes and drop-in sessions to improve the health and well-being of the community.
  1. Aquarius Over 50s - £4000
    Funding will mean this group can provide opportunities for over 50s who want to get involved in activities to
    keep fit, take part in art classes and socialise.
  2. Bee Well at Hulme Garden Centre - £2000
    They will use the money to construct two bee hives and train volunteers to look after the hives and run workshops promoting the importance of bees.
  3. Break Through UK - £1000
    This project will support disabled people to work and live independently, they will use the money to hire mentors to develop the reach of their project.

To find out more about our Community Soups, or for information about our community fund and opportunities for your project, please contact our community involvement team at