The latest person to join our team comes to us with plenty of experience in social housing and a great sense of humour which, being a Liverpool supporter, she is going to need!

We asked Anna to tell us a bit about herself...

Where have you worked before joining One Manchester?

I have worked in social housing since leaving university. When I first moved to Liverpool I was the Operational Lead for a specialist housing association with a commitment to housing multiracial communities. For the last sixteen years I have been at The Riverside Group leading neighbourhood regeneration in Liverpool, and then as their Director of Customer Services where I extended the services of the contact centre and community engagement teams.

What will your new job involve?

As Group Director of Place, I will be responsible for the housing, repairs and the services we provide to help with managing your money, finding employment and engaging with your community.

What are you plans over the next 12 months?

I am really excited to become a part of One Manchester in our role of providing good quality housing and great services. My priorities over the first twelve months will focus on continuing the great work of my colleagues. This includes keeping your homes safe, making our services more efficient and effective, and ensuring that it’s easy for you to give us your views and you can see how we act on them.


And then, for a bit of fun, we asked…


What’s your favourite football team?

I have always loved football and as a small child my hero was Kenny Dalglish. My allegiance went with him from Celtic to Liverpool and I have supported them ever since, so I’m expecting lots of banter in an office that sits between the two Manchester stadia!

What music are you in to?

I love literature and belong to two book clubs and also like a full range of music including jazz, rock, pop and rap. So if I had to choose just one favourite it would be Leonard Cohen as he combines the two - poetry which is set to music.

Which three famous people, dead or alive, would you invite around for tea?

Wow, choosing just three famous people to have round to share a meal is really tough but I’m going with Emmeline Pankhurst, Desmond Tutu and Mo Mowlam. Whilst coming from different times and different countries, I think they would have a great conversation about fighting for justice, equality, and achieving reconciliation. I’m pretty certain there would be some laughs as well, but I’m not quite sure what I would cook though!