Reading and writing is something many people take for granted, but if you struggle it can make filling in forms, finding work and many other day-to-day tasks difficult. So where can you turn for support?

How our award-winning literacy project is changing lives

One Manchester’s award-winning Literacy Beacons project was set up in June 2012 to support people struggling with their reading and writing. Each learner is matched up with a volunteer ‘Literacy Champion’ who provides support in an informal way to meet the learners’ needs.

The ‘Literacy Champions’ include volunteers from our local communities along with a number of One Manchester employees. They give their time and energy willingly to support the learners and have been rewarded by seeing them grow in confidence, with many now finding opportunities in training, volunteering and employment. In fact we have already helped more than 200 people to improve their literacy skills.

Your community needs YOU.

To ensure the vital work of the project can continue to change lives, we need more people to become Literacy Champions.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers from all of our neighbourhoods to join our team and help adults to improve their reading and writing. If you would like to make a difference by volunteering as a Literacy Champion please email or call 0161 230 1013.

Could someone you know benefit?
If you would like help with your reading and writing or know someone who would benefit from literacy support, please call 0161 230 1013.