Hamilton Lodge, our Rusholme scheme, had prior to lockdown been receiving some much needed security and landscaping development.

When work was forced to stop due to the Coronavirus, plans for the work were put on hold. Then, in July when the government announced that it was safe to start work on some development projects once again, we were able to pick up our tools and get back to what we do best.

We caught up with Anthony Rose, one of our team of building surveyors, to find out about the work that is taking place at Hamilton Lodge, and to find out what life on site looks like during these unusual times.

"The project is security and landscaping work, and part of the work is taking out the old fencing and hedges, which we'll be replacing", Anthony told us.

One of the challenges that this project faced was being located in a conservation area. Conservation areas across the city are in place in certain areas to make sure that the uniquely Mancunian character and design of the area is protected.

"The project took a long time to get off the ground because of the conservation restrictions, and then as Covid happened all the work got put on hold.

"Luckily most of the work is external, so we've managed to get back on site after being kept away from it for 3-months.

"There's been a lot of anti-social behaviour in the area around the old garages and bin stores. There was drug dealing, and issues with kids hanging around. The garages coming down will be a big improvement because they acted as a hiding spot for all the activity that was going on".

As well as this work there will also be new pedestrian gates that will be fob access, and already in place are new steel doors which have replaced the less safe wooden doors which had previously caused safety concerns. 

On top of managing the new ways of working and all the new social distancing government restrictions, Anthony and his wife were delighted to become new parents recently. 

"Me and my wife had a baby eight weeks ago so that's been the difficulty for me. Having the little one there, and trying to help my wife while working from home.

"You also want to shield because you don't want to put your baby at risk, so you try and limit the amount of time you get down to site. It's all been about having good contact with the site manager, Kenny. 

"You get down to site when you can and take photographs of the work, and do things over email rather than coming down to site if I don't need to"

He talked to us about his experience of the new way of working because of the social distancing restrictions. "I've been quite lucky with this job in regards to Covid, because it's an open site and you're able to keep your distance.

"Doing meetings online is difficult because it's a new way of working. When you're talking and then somebody else starts to talk you keep butting into each other which is quite amusing, but we'll get used to it!".

To find out more about the work and events that are going on in your areas, you can take a look at the Our Places section of the website. This is where you can find out about more of the work we're doing together with our partners to look at what’s needed most, and what will work best to help places and residents grow and thrive.