We're happy to announce that we've been awarded investment from a government scheme which aims to get people more involved in their communities.

The Growing Place-based Giving Programme is a new pot of funding that comes from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). They want to get encourage people to get involved in local issues and have a say about the way their neighbourhoods develop.

With this new funding, we'll be sharing £770,000 with six other areas of the country, over the next two years. East Manchester should see the benefit of this by having over £100k of funding made available to create new funding schemes that will make it easier for people and businesses to invest in their communities.

We've already shown our commitment to investing in our communities in recent years. We've encouraged local people and businesses to get involved with things like our Catalyst Fund, and the Community Soups. This new source of funding shows our approach to give additional resources to people in our areas, and to work to invest in the things that local communities want.

We’ll be working with local business, communities and partner organisations to help make sure that the money is used effectively in a way that involves local people.

For more information about this government scheme please see their website, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates about this to come in the future!