April 7th is world health day and this year we are encouraging people to think about growing their own vegetables. Even if you only have a small space, there is plenty that you can grow.

To help you get started, we are giving away some self contained growing boxes to help you start growing in even the smallest of spaces. Each box contains everything you need to grow bush tomatoes, dwarf beans, a herb, chillies and some flowers. Soil, biodegradable pots and instructions will be included in the box (which can be used as a propagator). Even if you are still isolating, gardening is a great new hobby that can do from home and the end result will be something delicious to eat.

Five reasons to grow your own food include:

1. More Nutritious

When growing your own food, your food intake can be more diverse and healthy, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fruit and vegetables that have just been picked will be really tasty with as many nutrients as possible.

2. Fresh Air and physical activity

Gardening is a fun way to get outside for some fresh air and physical activity. Exercise, such as gardening helps to improve heart health and immune system response, it decreases stress levels, improves motor skills, flexibility and body strength. Getting regular exercise can relieve anxiety and depression, while boosting energy.

3. Vitamin D

Being outside gardening is a great way to absorb vitamin D, which is known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is crucial in order to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and it can also protect against certain diseases.

4. Saves Money

You can save money by growing your own vegetables and fruits.

5. Better for the Environment

The Long distance transportation of produce relies heavily on fossil fuels. Growing your own food helps to reduce this, which makes a difference to the environment. Also, by growing your own food, you are not using chemicals or pesticides harm other plants and animals (as well as not being good for you.


How can I get one of these boxes?

If you live in one of One Manchester’s areas and would like a growing box please email community.development@onemanchester.co.uk or text 07984 493515