Residents of Frank Hatton Court, the Moss Side sheltered scheme, certainly enjoyed this year’s long summer by creating beautiful garden spaces that connect their homes.

They first got together after One Manchester support worker, Anysie, had the idea. She spoke with tenants at their monthly resident’s meeting and found everybody was keen to get involved.

Michael lives at Frank Hatton Court and has always enjoyed growing his own vegetables. As an enthusiastic gardener, he wanted to help his neighbours to get started.

“I’m very friendly and sociable, and my neighbours are all friendly people. They all know I like my garden, and now they’ve got to know my ways. I’ve been showing them some tips that I use in my own garden.

Frank Hatton Court Gardening Group Frank Hatton Court Gardening Group

“I’ve got peas growing along the wall, as well as pumpkins, courgettes and all sorts of vegetables that I use in my cooking.

“One of the ladies grows fantastic herbs and spices that she cooks up into Indian dishes that she’ll share with us all.”

Michael’s neighbour Andy, spoke about his pleasure in seeing their small community come together:

“I got involved through going to the monthly meetings and seeing what Michael was doing with his garden. It made me realise how much you could actually do. It’s opened up the scope for so much more and Mike has really shown the way. He’s a really nice bloke and it’s been great for us all to share this common goal of improving the garden areas.”

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