Facebook for Business, 22nd and 24th September, 10am-11.30am 
Online only

You will discover how to build a Facebook business page and learn a step-by-step process to use this to your advantage by establishing a strategy to engage with your target market. The workshop will advise on best practice for content, privacy and visibility, page and post boosts. In short, these two webinars will give you the tools to generate a successful presence on Facebook. Register to join the workshop today!

Marketing and Sales, 29th September and 1st October, 10am-11.30am 
Online only

Where does marketing finish and sales start? Why do the two become confused?  
This webinar will examine the relationship between sales and marketing and the different objectives. It will look at why there is a blurring of the lines between the two, as well as marketing techniques and how they differ from business to business. Plus you will get to find out about general sales techniques and target setting. Sign up for the webinar here!