What is Queen Bee Coaching?

Queen Bee Coaching originated from key issues facing women in the workplace during the 100 year anniversary of the right of some women to vote in 2018.

We provide a free six session coaching service to women who are able to demonstrate a potential to be leaders in work or civic society and who do not have financial or organisational support to access coaching. We cover a range of industries, including the arts, administration, retail and hospitality, politics, and the voluntary sector.

We are looking for women who will make a difference to society by fully realising their own potential to increase impact in their current role, or moving to positions of influence, or helping others to do so. We want to live in a city which has as many women in power as men, to truly represent our population fairly and to improve the prospects of women, including tackling the gender pay gap. Our coaches are an impressive diverse team with varied life and work experiences. They are all feminists and passionate about the service.

Who can apply?

Any woman who works within the Greater Manchester region and who has demonstrated leadership in their role is eligible for the programme.We are particularly keen to ensure that both our coaches and clients represent the women of Greater Manchester. To this end we welcome applications from all of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester and BAME, LGBTQ and disabled women.

How can I sign up?

We are keen to get to know potential clients before applications, and will host regular recruitment evenings for the opportunity to learn more about the programme. Our first recruitment evening will be on 4 November, 6pm at the Centre of Chinese Contemporary Art. Please sign up by 31 October to ensure you are able to reserve a place. We’ll explain more about what coaching is, what you can expect from the programme. and answer any questions that you may have.

You can sign up here:

You can formally apply through our application form here:


We highly recommend you attend a recruitment evening before applying, as it will put you in good stead for your applications.

If you have any questions, please do get in contact at coaching@pankhursttrust.org