Pitching at a Community Soup event for the first time can seem like a scary thing to do, but that's not always the case.

Writing a pitch and then standing in front of an audience to make your case is not something that many people will have experience before. This was true for Wayne and Nicola of West Gorton JFC who successfully pitched at our Gorton Community Soup, taking first place and the top prize of £4,000 on the night.

Wayne is the Chairman of the club and Nicola is the Safeguarding Officer:“I’d basically just asked anybody and everybody in the Gorton area to let me know if they knew of any information or ways to receive funding”, Nicola told us. They heard about the Community Soups from a friend and decided to try their luck at pitching for funds to allow them to continue running the football club.

West Gorton JFC West Gorton JFC

Wayne said, “It’s been an amazing evening, and it is a great way to link up with all the other community organisations too. We’ve swapped numbers with a few other groups tonight to see if we can get our kids involved in some of the work that they do.

“What’s been nice as well is that we’ve just spoken with an older lady who was sitting at the front tonight, and she’s told us that she actually has the original photos of the West Gorton Football Team from the 1940s. That’s massive for us because that’s how our club started and that history is what we’re all about, so we’re going to meet up with her for a cup of tea and have a look at the old photos.

“You couldn’t imagine what this money means for us, it’s exactly what these kids need. We put a lot of funds in ourselves, but to get this money… I could cry it means that much to us.”

Nicola added that they think their key to success on the evening was speaking from the heart:

“Make sure you believe in what you do, if you believe in it then the people in audience will see that and vote for you. When we were writing the pitch for tonight, we found it really hard to put into words how much it would mean to us. So really, it’s just about having the confidence to speak from the heart, get up there and enjoy it. It’s so rewarding.”