One Manchester is not just about the bricks and mortar, we also work hard to build strong communities and help the people in them to develop and thrive. This is why we were recently delighted to support one of our Beswick residents, by helping her find work after the lockdown had made things difficult for her.

Yvonne Davis is well known in her local area and is a central figure in the community around the Grey Mare Lane estate in Beswick. She has worked as a DJ and radio presenter for a local online radio station and had recently been working as teaching assistant for children with behavioural issues when the pandemic hit earlier this year.

The contract she had at the school she was employed with had run out, and she suddenly found herself unemployed and struggling to find work. As part of the redevelopment work, we are carrying out on the Grey Mare Lane estate, our team became aware of Yvonne’s circumstances, and referred her to our Opportunities Team in order to see if we could help.

Our Opportunities Team offer customers free support and guidance, to help them get into work. This support is often through skills training, and confidence boosting, or in the case of Yvonne she needed help with her CV. She still wanted to work with young people, but her CV wasn’t helping her to get through the door for any interviews and so our expert career advisers asked Yvonne if they could help.

“It was a case of nothing tried, nothing gained” explained Yvonne after she told us that she wasn’t even aware this was a service that we could offer.

Our Opportunities Team helped her by talking through her specific goals and what she would like to do for a job. Duncan, one of our Employment Support Advisers said:

“We made sure that the CV highlighted all the relevant information for the roles being applied for and made sure it didn’t distract by including information that will not be used to shortlist a candidate. When she gave us her CV it was seven pages long and included lots of information that wasn’t relevant to the roles she was looking for.

“We helped Yvonne to focus this version of her CV on her teaching assistant experience and other work with young or vulnerable people”.

Due to the local lockdown we were unable to deliver this service face-to-face as we normally would, and so Duncan helped Yvonne over the phone.

“We talked about changes to the layout and wording on Yvonne’s CV, and then she made these changes, and we reviewed it all for her.

“Then we ran through some common interview techniques that help most job seekers, including Yvonne in this case. This is what we call the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) method for answering questions. It’s all about understanding the role and what the interviewer is looking for. I think it gave Yvonne confidence that she was a strong candidate, that her goals were achievable and that she could ‘sell herself’ to a potential employer”.

We were delighted to find out that Yvonne was successful in her job search and is now working as a support worker for young adults. Our Employment Support Advisers know that finding employment can help to boost a person’s confidence in their own abilities, and we’re proud to have been able to help Yvonne on her career path. 

“I’d still be looking for work if I’d not found out about this service”, Yvonne explained to us. “I think everybody should get this kind of help if they’re looking for work, it was really useful for me”.

Whatever your experience, background, or ambitions, One Manchester’s Opportunities Team can help you take the next step on the pathway to a more successful future. Our qualified Employment and Skills advisors can provide you with a tailored support plans just like we did to help Yvonne find success.

To get in touch or to find out more, please call 0161 230 1057 or email