The refurbishment of a homeless hub to help people living on the streets had more relevance to one member of the Mobile Cleaning and Caretaking teams.

After previously experiencing homelessness, Desmond Taylor is now a One Manchester tenant and currently working as a caretaker at Worsley Court on a temporary contract.

We spoke to Des about his experience of rough sleeping and how his life has changed.


“I’ve experienced homelessness myself after a relationship breakdown and I’d been living in a men’s hostel for two and a half years. These things happen when you’re down on your luck, and I’d been out on the streets before. In winter your feet and hands go funny because of the chill.

“One day I got ill and the doctor told me that my feet were at risk of getting permanently damaged because of the cold. At my age things only get worse, they don’t get better.”

“I’ve got accommodation with One Manchester now through Manchester Move, and a temporary contract with the team as a caretaker. Hopefully if I can turn the temporary contract into a full-time role, then I’ve come from being homeless and unemployed, to having a home and having a job. Fingers crossed!”

“I come in at 7am and open the laundry and community rooms, then I start my walk down checks. I start at the top floor of the flats and walk down every floor checking the landings, the bin chutes, and the lights.

“I make sure there is no litter or obstructions on the landings, and then after I’ve done my checks I’ll work my way through the list of cleaning duties. So, I’ll clean the windows, mop the floors, tidy the leaves away from the paths. It’s important to make the area look presentable.”

“I’m a people person and I’m always here for the tenants if they need anything. I like to have friendly conversations with the people in the blocks.”

“Considering the last few years where I had absolutely nothing, where I’m at now is absolutely tremendous.”

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