We recently held another round of our Community Soup events where we provide funding to community groups, and residents are invited to come and vote for who they believe is most deserving of the money.

Over the course of four evenings, locals came to enjoy some hot food before voting for the projects they felt could make the biggest difference in our communities following a series of pitches from different groups.

Although the audience could pick only three winning pitches to be awarded funding, there were many brilliant pitches on the day from projects which we will strive to support. Here is the breakdown of the latest round’s successfully funded projects:


  • TLC St Lukes - £5000
    A grassroots charity for those living with mental health and the wider community. They will use the money to provide a range of activities such as healthy cooking sessions, walking football, laughter yoga, knit and natter, and counselling. 
  • Wonderfully Made Woman - £2000
    This project aims to raise awareness about the issues women experience, and allows women to tell their stories and encourage others going through any form of abuse.
  • Coverdale and Newbank - £1000
    They will provide a range of community services that will improve the lives of Ardwick residents, such as building a soft play area near their community hub where the shop is run from.
  • Compassion Food Bank - £5000
    The funding will allow them to run a free monthly parents breakfast club targeting low income parents. They will specifically target families who have used food banks and will provide budgeting advice.
  • Boiler House Men's Sheds - £2000
    This group works to reduce isolation in older men, as well as teach DIY skills to members of the local community. They will use the funding to provide sessions lead by a qualified trainer.
  • Bringing Health and Wellbeing to Hulme - £1000
    A not-for-profit karate club, incorporating a fun element to improving confidence and well-being into the traditional martial art. Attended by both adults and children, they aim to learn discipline, focus and co-ordination. 
  • PUB: Project Urban Bee – £5000
    Working with established and emerging local groups, PUB’s purpose is to connect communities to their immediate environment through the practice of beekeeping alongside the development of edible gardens.
  • Clayton Villa – £2000
    Will use the money to keep the club running, and provide opportunities for boys in football with the aim of keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.
  • Frendzy Foods - £1000
    The group will share Jamaican food with the community of Openshaw and offer opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They will teach people to work in a food preparation environment, and use the money to start a market stall to sell speciality food and offer work experience opportunities to people.
  • Gorton Visual Arts – £3000
    The funding will allow the group to work on art projects focusing on family businesses that have come from other parts of the world. The project will be delivered in workshop sessions by professional freelance artists and the group member volunteers.
  • Manchester Rangers CIC – £2500
    A community outreach programme is aimed at young people in the east Manchester area to promote healthy and active lifestyles along with key social development skills through the use of rugby league.
  • Peter Quinn Friendship Group - £2500
    This group is about supporting dementia sufferers and their carers. The funding will allow the group to book live music for their meetings, and pay for the general running and building costs.

To find out any more information about our Community Soups, or any of the latest round of successful pitches, please contact customerinvolvement@onemanchester.co.uk.