Recognising the huge impact customer services makes to our organisation means a lot which is why we're delighted to take part in National Customer Service Week with the Institute of Customer Service. This week long event offers a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of customer service to organisations including at One Manchester. We'll be focusing on the themes for each day which are:

  • Monday – Insight: Knowing your customer and how to deliver to them
  • Tuesday – Capability & Skills: Identifying and nurturing customer service skills in your organisation
  • Wednesday – Recognition: Celebrate your customer service heroes
  • Thursday – Leadership: Championing customer service in the boardroom
  • Friday – Trust, Ethics & Sustainability: Building brand reputation through your actions

Making a difference to our residents and communities is a priority so we’re excited to celebrate the fantastic service our hard-working teams provide throughout the year. This has been even more apparent during the difficult lockdown months which have been tough in so many ways.

We know that knowing that you matter means a lot, which is why we have spent the summer phoning our customers to check you are okay and say hello. 

We couldn’t be prouder of our teams in supporting roles who have taken on new responsibilities during the pandemic, including enhancing health and safety measures in and around your neighbourhoods and communal areas. They’ve also provided advice on money and benefits and helped get food parcels for so many people in our communities.

So happy Customer Services Week to all the fantastic people that have worked so hard for our customers and colleagues at One Manchester!

Customer quote

"Thanks for calling and asking how I am and what support I need. I definitely do need support as my son was my carer but has moved out and I could do with more support as I live by myself."

Staff quote - Adam

"One customer I called was celebrating his birthday during lockdown and it was a great experience to be able to chat with him and lift each other’s spirits."

Staff quote - Jeff

"I had a 93-year-old tenant and we were able to provide him with a fridge and cooker from our COVID white good fund after a referral from a Community Care Navigator."


We are pleased to have signed up to the Back our Essential Workers - Service with Respect campaign with the Institute of Customer Service. The principles behind the campaign are very important to us in supporting our colleagues to carry out necessary work for all of our customers. The principles of the campaign are:

  • Government needs to strengthen the sanctions against those that abuse staff – and law enforcement have to treat it seriously. 
  • Employers are taking their part in training and supporting colleagues to deal with some of these issues, but they need support from the law
  • On occasions as customers, we need to adjust our expectations and behaviour in support of service professionals.