Food at Community Grocers

Some of the information on this page might not be accurate due to the changing situation of the pandemic.

Community Grocers and food banks are operating slightly differently at the moment to keep everyone safe. Healthy Me Healthy Communities are supporting local residents with a weekly Grab and Go food bag service. Pre-packed bags contain approximately £12 worth of food, household products and toiletries costing between £2 and £4. Baby items can also be bought at a low cost and freshly prepared ready meals are also available. There is currently a waiting list but referrals can be sent to or by phoning 07910 879985

One Manchester do not feel that people should rely on food parcels, so we will work with you to tackle the underlying problem. We can help with basic budgeting, appealing benefit decisions or assisting you to find employment.

Find out where the food banks and community grocers are across the city on this map. If you are not a One Manchester tenant and would like to refer yourself, please visit the Trussell Trust website.

Speak to the One Money team on 0330 355 1000 or email

We understand that our customers do not want to use food banks on a regular basis, so we have sought funding to set up community grocers across the city. Click the name to found out more.

Anson Community House, 38 Meldon Road, Longsight, M13 OTR
Telephone: 07913 540680
Open Thursday from 12pm-6pm

Cornbrook House, 217 Stockport Road, Ardwick, M12 4DY
Telephone: 0161 274 2186
Open Thursday from 11am-3pm

Gorton Community Centre, 543 Abbey Hey Lane, Gorton, M18 8PF
Telephone: 07913 540680
Open Friday from 9:30am-4pm by appointment only. Ring Amie on 07910 879985 to book.

Aquarius Centre, 21 Eden Close, Hulme, M15 6AX
Telephone: 07305 325 369
Open Wednesday from 10am-4pm