Why work for us?

Our Mission

We want to create opportunities, transform communities and change lives, but what does that mean for the people that work here?

We’re a supportive and flexible organisation that’s rightly proud of our work and excited about the future. We want you to challenge yourself to be creative and ambitious, so you can enjoy great rewards, be trusted to do a good job and see the difference we can make together in our great city.

Whatever your role, you’ll be able to see the positive difference you make to the lives of local people and communities across Manchester. We all work together to provide homes and help communities to learn, manage their money, launch successful businesses and improve their employability. So, you’ll go home knowing your work is worthwhile and you’ve done a power of good, helping to build stronger, healthier communities across our proud city.


Our Values

The One Manchester Way is our overarching way of working; simply put, it’s the way we do things around here. It’s the way we ACT.

We're passionate, determined, motivated. Part of a city that has achieved so much, we aim high to inspire and deliver social innovation. Resourceful and creative, we face every challenge, embrace change and get things done.

We're collaborative, engaged, united. Working closely with partners and each other we deliver practical, imaginative solutions that make a positive difference. Together we find ways to build stronger, healthier communities - making life better for people in Greater Manchester.

We're honest, approachable, supportive. We care for people and take responsibility for our actions. We never pass the buck or blame and if we get it wrong we make it right. Genuine and committed, we gain trust and help people reach their goals.

Our People

Inclusion. Diversity. Equality. It’s at the heart of what we do. We aim to change lives and create a better future for all – and we really mean all!

Working as one team, our quality homes and services make a real impact on people’s lives. We’re all in this together, playing our part in building stronger, healthier communities and seeing the positive difference we make in our city. We support and respect each other and build lasting relationships with everyone we meet. Being friendly and welcoming is the One Manchester way.