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Hulme is a located immediately south of the Manchester city centre, it has a significant industrial heritage.

Local community groups and organisations

Here's a few of the community groups and organisations that are active in Hulme. If you want us to include your group on this page, just complete the form at the bottom of this page.

The Aquarius Centre is a drop-in hub which provides employment and skills training, a community grocer project, and lots of fun events and activities for the local community.


Hulme Community Garden Centre in Manchester is a garden centre which makes a difference for the community.

Take a look here at there upcoming volunteering dates as well as some of the great events they will have coming up!

Z-Arts are an arts and theatre venue in Hulme, with lots of activities and shows for children and families. They are a charity, and are supported by brilliant funders, corporate supporters and regular givers.

Lovell House, our One Manchester office is based in Hulme. 

Hulme Hulme
  • In 1884, Henry Royce started a domestic electric fittings factory at Cooke Street. He made three cars (the Royce 10) in a corner of what was his dynamo and electric crane workshops. In 1904, Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls created a business partnership after meeting at Manchester's Midland Hotel and started to build their own motor car (a relatively new invention).
  • Nineteenth-century Hulme had some industry in the form of small workshops, but apart from the Knott Mill Iron Works owned by W & J Galloway & Sons on the banks of the Medlock, most large mills and other works were nearby in other townships, but providing employment for the people of Hulme. 
  • Many cotton mills and a railway link to Hulme soon followed, and thousands of people came to work in the rapidly expanding mills in the city. The number of people living in Hulme multiplied 50-fold during the first half of the 19th century.
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