Repairs you must do yourself

Customer Responsibilities

Some of the repairs below may be carried out by One Manchester as part of planned Improvement Programmes e.g. fencing, external painting, kitchen and bathroom renewals but are otherwise customer responsibility (there may be exceptions due to vulnerability or other need).

A table of repairs by responsibility is available here.

We generally expect you to:

  • Be responsible for any repair that was caused due to damage, inaction or neglect
  • Keep the inside of their home clean and in good condition including internal decoration
  • Obtain our written permission before carrying out any alteration or improvement to their home
  • Keep gardens and communal areas clean and tidy. This includes maintaining grass, plants and tree branches within the property boundaries
  • Avoid doing anything which may result in blockages to pipes and drains (e.g. disposing of fat, oil, sanitary products, nappies etc. down toilets or in sinks)
  • Use fixtures and fittings for the purpose for which they were intended (e.g. not use worktops as chopping boards)
  • Make the lifestyle changes necessary to resolve instances of condensation such as opening windows regularly, not drying washing on radiators or leaving extractor fans switched off. Where condensation is the likely cause of reported dampness, One Manchester will advise customers of the action they need to take to deal with the problem and prevent further incidences in the first instance
  • Pay for (as a recharge or handyman repair) or undertake minor repairs including:
    • The replacement of lost or damaged keys and fobs, and the replacement of locks caused by the loss of keys (unless as a result of crime and a crime reference number is provided) and the provision of additional keys
    • Bolts, catches, security chains and spy holes
    • Wardrobe and airing cupboard doors
    • Internal door adjustments after carpet/flooring fitting
    • Floor coverings not fitted by One Manchester
    • Keeping grids and gullies clear
    • Plastering of small cracks, small holes and shrinkage (new builds) on internal walls/ceilings
    • Tile grouting due to mould and mildew issues
    • Toilet seats and lids
    • Bathroom cabinets, towel rails, toilet roll holders and other ancillary fittings
    • Chains, plugs and pull cords
    • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes including low energy bulbs
    • Fuses and starters
    • Resetting trip switches and circuit breakers
    • Additional sockets and power sources
    • Electrical safety checks following customer alterations or use of faulty appliances
    • Blockages to waste pipes to sinks, showers, basins, baths and toilets (One Manchester will only attend a blockage if tenants have taken reasonable steps to clear the blockage and it cannot be dislodged)
    • Existing shower curtains and rails
    • Shower head
    • Kitchen unit handles, knobs, edging, catches and child locks
    • Tightening screws in kitchen cupboards and doors
    • Alteration of kitchen units to fit appliances
    • Shelving and picture rails
    • Metal gates to front doors
    • Doorbells, batteries and bulbs (not communal or entry phones)
    • House numbers, finger plates, door chains, name plates, door knockers and stoppers
    • Tenants own white goods
    • Telephone points, TV sockets, aerials and dishes including removal for repairs
    • Garage keys, bolts, padlocks, locks including forced entry
    • Fencing and gates (other than make safe) including preservative and paint, hinges, catches and latches
    • Washing machine connection and plumbing
    • Dishwasher pipework, connection and plumbing
    • Tumble drier installation and vents
    • Provision and installation of cookers and cooker connection (cookers must be installed by qualified tradespeople)
    • Batteries in thermostats
    • Cleaning and testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors other than at gas servicing
    • External glazing in doors and windows including board ups, (unless as a result of crime and a crime reference number is provided)
    • Curtain rails, tracks, battens and coat hooks 
    • Maintenance of any fixtures, fittings and appliances, including gas appliances not fitted by One Manchester
    • Relighting pilot lights and resetting heating controls
    • Bleeding radiators
    • Refixing radiators after decoration
    • Renewing fire fronts if painted or damaged
    • Tidy dries, washing lines, posts and rotary driers
    • Water butts, greenhouses and sheds including locks, keys, bolts and padlocks
    • Car ports unless dangerous where they will be dismantled
    • Boxing of internal pipework
    • Rubbish clearance
    • Any items accepted under a signed disclaimer at the start of a tenancy


Customers are responsible for insuring their own home contents.  An insurance policy can be purchased through One Manchester.