How does One Manchester prioritise repairs?

Coronavirus Update 22 March 2021

We’re pleased to share our plans for our services returning to normal in the months ahead subject to government guidance. Find out more on our coronavirus information page.

For more information, please see our Repairs Policy, including the addendum for this period.

Our normal repairs categories can be seen below

Emergency repairs are those where there is an immediate or potential danger to a person or a serious risk of damage to a property.  The response time to a daytime emergency repair is 24 hours but with some types of repair being made safe within 4 hours.  Every effort will be made to undertake a full repair when responding to a daytime emergency but sometimes this will not be possible and further work will be required.  Emergency repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Total loss of power supply
  • No heating during periods of severe cold weather
  • Bursts that cannot be contained
  • Blocked toilet if it is the only one in the home
  • Forced entry and replacement of lock where a person is locked out or inside the property (which will be recharged unless a crime reference number is provided or the fault is a recognised issue)
  • Re-securing external doors if they will not close
  • Total loss of water supply

Appointable repairs are those where the nature of the repair does not cause of have the potential to cause immediate danger to a person or serious damage to a property.  Examples of appointable repairs are:

  • Leaks that can be controlled using a bucket or bowl/stop tap
  • Partial loss of water supply or a continuous overflow
  • Loss of heating other than instances of severe cold weather
  • Loss of hot water
  • Broken extractor fans

We aim to complete appointable repairs within 20 working days.  We will always try to be flexible to your needs and will aim to offer convenient appointment slots.

Major repairs are those which may require longer lead in times as specialist items are needed or statutory consents and approvals are required.  Examples of major repairs include:

  • Fencing and gate repairs and renewals
  • Window renewals
  • Replacement of front doors

Work will be carried out a date and time agreed with the customer outside of the 20 day appointable repair category.  For reasons of economy or efficiency, these repairs may be grouped together in future programmes of work.

When will my repair happen?

The priority of your repair is decided when you contact us.  We group repairs under three types:

  • Emergency – responded to within 24 hours of being reported (some made safe in 4 hours)
  • Appointable – carried out within 20 working days of being reported
  • Major – at a date and time convenient to you but outside of the 20 working days

We offer the following appointment slots:

Monday – Friday

  • AM (08:00 - 12:00)
  • PM (12:00 - 16:00)
  • Avoid school run (10:00 - 14:00)
  • Evening (16:00 - 17:30)
  • All day (08:00 -16:00)