Amendment of Tenancy, Tenancy Exchange, and Ending Tenancy

Application for Amendment to Tenancy

Guidance Notes

Succession can only occur on the death of the tenant and is the means by which a tenancy passes to someone else who is entitled under the terms of the Assured Tenancy Agreement on the death of the original tenant. 

Assignment is where a person takes over the tenancy of an existing tenant, including their tenancy agreement and the terms of the tenancy.  The assignment is to a person who would qualify to succeed the tenancy should the tenant have died.

Name Change is where someone wishes to change the name held on the tenancy, for example, following marriage, divorce, or after name change by deed poll.

Please fill in the form that can be downloaded on this page to apply for amendment of tenancy (or contact us for a copy of the form).


To support your application please provide us with the following information:

Proof of applicants’ identification -
You must provide at least two of the documents listed below
Proof of applicants’ residency -
You must provide at least two of the documents listed below
Birth certificate Utility Bill dating back at least 12 months
Driving licence (Full) Payslips / P60
Passport Inland Revenue letter
Benefits book (income support, DLA, Incapacity etc) Benefits book (income support, DLA, Incapacity etc)
National Insurance Card Benefit award letter
Benefit award letter Formal letter from employer, GP, Probation Officer, Social Worker etc.
Formal letter from employer, GP, Probation Officer, Social Worker etc. Bank statements


Proof of relationship to current tenant – Partners / Spouse Proof of relationship to current tenant – Relatives
Bank statement showing joint bank account Birth certificate showing current tenant as your mother or father
Marriage certificate / Civil Partnership certificate Adoption certificate
Joint Welfare benefits claim  
Benefits award letter (showing both names)  

We will also ask you to complete an affordability assessment as part of the process.

You must provide us with a copy of the Death Certificate if you are applying for a succession.

If you are unable to provide any of the above information please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or contact us.

Guidance and Information for One Manchester Customers Who Would Like to Exchange Their Home.

Due to the high demand for our housing stock many tenants will unfortunately stand very little chance of a move if they are awarded a low rehousing band on their Manchester Move application. However, you may be able to move by swapping homes with another council or housing association tenant through a “mutual exchange”. Below are some frequently asked questions on swapping your home.

As a housing association tenant you may have the right to apply to exchange your home. This is subject to certain conditions; you must have lived in your property for a minimum of 12 months, your property must be in good condition, you must have a clear rent account to exchange with another housing association, or council tenant and have not been involved in anti social behaviour.

  • Another One Manchester tenant
  • A Council tenant
  • A tenant who’s landlord is a registered social landlord.

There are a number of ways you can find tenants who wish to exchange their home:

  • Register on House Exchange (this is a free service for One Manchester tenants)
  • Word of mouth
  • Advertising the swap yourself or registering on other exchange matching sites (you will be responsible for any costs incurred)

Once you have found a suitable home that you would like to exchange to, complete a mutual exchange application form and return to One Manchester.

Yes, you can move outside Manchester. House Exchange allows you to apply for an exchange with council/housing associations across the U.K.

When you have found a possible swap partner, you need to contact them yourself to see if they are interested and to arrange a suitable time to view each others homes.

If you both agree to swap, you and your exchange partner should ask your respective landlords for permission. If you have a joint tenancy, both of you will have to agree to the mutual exchange. The same will apply to your exchange partners.

Ending Tenancy

It is important that when ending your tenancy, you remember to follow these steps below; otherwise you may find it difficult to get another home with One Manchester or other registered providers in the future.

  1. Your tenancy must end on a Monday. You must tell us you are leaving at least four weeks before your tenancy is due to end.
  2. Once you have given us notice that you want to end your tenancy, your Neighbourhood Officer will contact you to arrange a home visit. We will also contact British Gas to begin the process of taking over your energy supply.
  3. You must return the keys no later than 12 noon on the Monday of your tenancy-end date. If you return them later than this, we will charge you rent on the property until they are handed in (minimum one week's rent).
  4. You must not leave owing any rent - unless you have made an agreement with us to pay off your arrears.
  5. When you move out of your home you must leave the property, and any fixtures and furnishings, in good condition.
  6. Don't leave any of your belongings behind - we will have to dispose of them, which could result in the cost being recharged to yourself.
  7. Don't leave anybody else living in your home when you move out. You cannot pass on your tenancy to anyone else.
  8. If you are joint tenants, either tenant can end the tenancy by giving us four weeks' notice. We do not legally have to allow the other joint tenant(s) to stay in the home - it depends on your circumstances and whether the property could be more suitable for another type of household (such as a family).

If you want to end your tenancy please fill in our online form or contact us.