For those of you who own your property on a leasehold basis, with One Manchester as the freeholder, this section will have the answer to many of your questions. So, whether you want details on buying the freehold, selling your home, service charges or major and planned works, then take a look at the different sections below. If you are a leaseholder and you have feedback regarding this section of the website, please email

Lease FAQs

If would like a copy of your lease, buy your freehold, or sell your property, all the information is below


The lease is the legal agreement between you and One Manchester Group. Your lease is an important document as it sets out your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and those of One Manchester Group as freeholder. When you purchase a flat or a maisonette in a block, you purchase a leasehold interest and One Manchester Group keeps the freehold interest. As freeholder, we own the land on which the property is built and charges a ground rent along with service charges. The lease states what parts of the property you own and what rights over communal land you have acquired. This is called the ‘demised premises’ and will be identified by address and by a plan or plans attached to the lease.

If you have lost your lease and you have a mortgage, you could contact your mortgage lender. They should be able to give you a copy. If you do not have a mortgage, or if your lender is unable to help, you can request a copy from us.

Your lease is a legal document; it can be altered only by a ‘Deed of Variation’ which may be approved by the County Court. One Manchester Group can agree with or challenge any changes you want to make. A Deed of Variation may cost you several hundred pounds in legal costs. If you want to change your lease, contact us to discuss.

Most leaseholders have the right to buy an extension to the term of their lease if they have a long lease over 21 years. The usual extension term is 90 years. You must have owned the property for at least two years. The value of the extension has to be agreed by One Manchester Group. If this is not possible the First Tier Tribunal can be asked to determine the value.

Leaseholders have a legal right to buy the freehold of their block. This will make leaseholders responsible for all management and maintenance of their block. This is also known as ‘Enfranchisement’. The freehold can be bought in any building of two or more flats where at least two-thirds of the flats are owned by leaseholders. Leaseholders who want to buy the freehold must represent at least half the total number of flats in the block. They must then form a ‘right to enfranchisement’ company together. The leaseholders have to agree a value for the freehold with One Manchester Group. If this cannot be agreed the First Tier Tribunal may set a value. For further information speak to us , The Citizens Advice Bureau or an independent legal representative.

As a leaseholder, you may sell your property and assign the lease to a new owner at anytime.

Have you purchased your property under the Right to Buy scheme? If it was within the last five years you will probably have to repay some or perhaps all of the discount you received.

The amount of discount you have to pay back is a percentage of the property value on resale. This figure will be reduced by 20% for each full year after the original date of completion of the sale. If you want to know if you need to pay any discount back please contact the leasehold team.

You must first offer the property back to us. This condition applies if you wish to sell within the first 10 years of getting your property through the Right to Buy scheme.

This is known as the right of first refusal and means we have the first right to buy the property back at the full open market value price. We will let you know in writing, if we choose to exercise this right.

It is usual for your solicitor to provide certain information to the purchaser’s solicitor. This has several names and is known as a seller’s pack or management enquires or leasehold property enquires.

The pack will contain the following information:

  • an up-to-date statement of your service charge account showing any invoices outstanding

  • a copy of the current service charge estimate

  • copies of the service charge accounts for the previous three years

  • details of the building insurance

  • statements about fire and asbestos risk assessments

  • copies of Section 20 notices about major works

  • basic information about any work that One Manchester may carry out to the block/estate in the future.

  • general information about the property such as how many flats there are in the building

  • information about the lease requirements if the leaseholder intends to rent out the property

Major Works and Planned Repairs

For more information on how major works and planned repairs are consulted and communicated.


All leaseholders must be consulted before major repairs and external and communal area decorations are carried out in and around their building. Major works and planned repairs are large one-off works of repair, improvement or redecoration to your building or the area around your building.

Major works are different from the ‘day to-day’ unplanned repairs. They are always planned except in emergency situations. They are needed when major parts of the building or area wear out, pathways or roofs, or when decorations are planned for the outside or shared areas inside, such as stairways. One Manchester Group has a rolling programme of redecoration for all its properties and will carry out what are known as ‘associated works’ at the same time. This may include such things as repairing or renewing door and window frames, gutters, or mending broken railings.

All leaseholders must contribute towards the cost of major repairs and for the cost of external and communal area decorations. Most leaseholders contribute towards the cost of improvements.

Prior to planned works being carried out you will be consulted where the estimated cost is over £250 per leaseholder. This is your legal right and is called ‘Section 20 Consultation’. If the works are urgent and require being carried out immediately we may have to carry them out without consulting with the residents beforehand.

During the section 20 consultation, leaseholders are sent letters which give:

Letter 1 - Notice of Intent. Details of work to be carried out. You are given 30 days consultation.

Letter 2 - Section 20 Notice. Details of the two lowest quotes received and an estimate of the size of the individual leaseholder’s contribution. You are given a further 30 days consultation.

Leaseholders then have time to make comments during the consultation process. One Manchester Group will consider these comments and respond to them. Work can only start once this process has been completed. If a lot of work is being planned, we will meet with residents and recognised residents’ associations prior to starting the section 20 Consultation process.

You can take part in consultation about major works and improvements to your home and the area where you live. We will involve you as much as possible in planning the Major Repair and Improvement Programme. Our planned programme each year will be based on the repair and improvement needs of the buildings and the budget available to complete the work.